Chinese balls are some of the most marvelous and fascinating objects. Unlike many 'ship in the bottle' tricks, these objects are made 'as is'. The balls don't come out or go in. There is no trick, only the skill of the woodworker.

If you're interesting in learning how to make the wonderous creations, this is the place. You'll need basic woodturning skills, several specialized tools (most of which you can make) and a lot of patience and persistence. These are not simple to make. You'll probably get very frustraited at times and your kindling pile will grow. But it can be done.

I've spoken with many turners that were inspired to make these things. Most of them got frustraited and moved on to other projects. We can help. It's easy to hit a snag and get stuck. We'll help with every step and make sure you reach your goal.

Check out the Tools & Supplies sections for details on what you'll need. Then check out the Tutorials for detailed instructions on how to build them. If you have questions, check out the FAQs and be sure to contact us with questions or if you have something to add.