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MagicalWoodProducts.com is dedicated to the art of magical woodworking projects.

After I finished college and started my high tech career, my best friend introduced me to the idea of woodworking. After 14 years of building furniture, I finally got a lathe. I loved the ability to complete projects in an afternoon instead of months. A few years later, my wife got me the book 'Woodturning Wizardry' by David Springett. I was fascinated by Dave's amazing creations, and seeing how they were made just had them seem more real. After two years of looking at the book, my son asked me why I hadn't made any of the project. I didn't have a good answer, so I started.

This web site is an attempt to chronicle my experiences expanding my skills on the lathe and making some cool projects along the way. I must admit though, my kindling pile is getting larger. But I am making progress.

Have fun!