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We make no intentional effort to identify public users of this site. Data that we collect is intended only for use in server administration.

This statement applies to public interactions with the Magical Wood Products web site. It does not apply to email sent to Magical Wood Products or the organization hosting this web site or to any other interactions relating in any way to the information contained on this web site.

As is typical, we log http requests to our server. This means that we know the originating IP address (e.g. of a user agent requesting a URL. We also know the Referer and User-Agent information accompanied with an HTTP request. We do not log the specific identity of visitors. We analyze the log files to determine which files are most requested and the previous site or user agent which prompted the request.

Logged information is kept indefinitely as administrative material; it is not regularly disclosed outside of the hosting site personnel, but may occasionally be shared for the purposes of maintaining the web site. Aggregate (generally non-identifying) statistics generated from these logs may be reported as part of research results.