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The first thing you'll need when you get started on a Chinese ball project is patience and determination. It takes a certain level of commitment to complete these and it usually doesn't happen in an afternoon. Many people have spent weeks or months working towards their goal. Some, unfortunately, give up before completing a ball. We're here to help make sure that doesn't happen to you. So, let's get prepared.

Recommended Steps

Things You Need to Get Started

To start out by making a make a single level ball, assuming you already have a lathe, jacobs chuck, and drill bits, you can get started for about $250. That's $150 for the crown tool set (without extra handles), $50 in parts to make a chuck right and $50 for a nice tool rest. You might be able to make a chuck for less if you already have an insert or another way to hold it. And it might be possible for you to use a home made tool rest. That would put you at $150 for the crown tool set.